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After my failures with Clearasil and Proactiv, I think it’s time to stop listening to the commercials on TV. Instead of relying on advertisements to help me find the best acne treatment, I’m going to be conducting my own research. I think devoting the time to reading acne reviews and getting recommendations from my friends will help me find the best acne treatment for my needs.

So, I started my research the other day. I’ve been talking to some friends and family to see what they know about acne medication. Some of the friends are around my age, and they’re going through this now too. I’m also talking to older people (mostly my brothers) who’ve been through this problem before.

Unfortunately, nobody seems to have an answer. One friend mentioned Clearasil, but we all know how that went for me. Other friends recommended home remedies, but they all sound a little too strange for me.

So, I decided to hit the net to read some best acne treatment reviews. And I think I’ve stuck gold. I found the best acne product review site, Best Acne Treatments, which discusses pretty much every acne medication out there. I’ve only just started to browse the reviews, but this site seriously looks perfect for my needs. You can tell these people put in the time to provide detailed reviews on all of these acne medications. Now, I just have to read all the reviews to figure out which product will work best for me.

This is also great because I have something to show my parents before buying the product. These reviews will give me the evidence I need to convince them to order the treatment for me.
Anyway, for the first time in a long time, I’m actually hopeful that I’ll be able to put an end to this acne. I really hope this site can help me find the best acne treatment because it won’t be long before prom is here.

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